On the resolution of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS of 08.09.2009
Golden Medal of Merit 31

"For fundamental achievements in space geodesy and Earth sciences and development of the scientific collaboration between Russian Federation and USA" was awarded to

John Linwood LaBrecque

Lead of the Earth Surface and Interior Focus Area, NASA Earth Science Mission Directorate

John L. LaBrecque is Lead of the Earth Surface and Interior Focus Area within NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Dr. LaBrecque's responsibilities include the development and operation of NASA's Global Geodetic Network that provides positioning, navigation and timing products that support NASA's Earth Observation program. Dr. LaBrecque also serves as Program scientist for the GRACE gravity mission and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission as well as the NASA component of the international missions SAC-C, CHAMP, Oersted, and COSMIC missions that demonstrate applications of GPS technology in the study of atmospheric and ionospheric dynamics, and geopotential field studies. John also provides leadership as program scientist for the latest NASA geodetic missions in development, the DESDynI geodetic imaging mission and the GRACE-II temporal gravity mission.

These space geodetic products and scientific activities contribute significantly to the development of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame, Earth Orientation Parameters, and to the Celestial Reference Frame. Products from these activities also provide critical information in understanding, predicting, and mitigating the effects of weather, climate change and natural hazards upon our global society.

Dr. LaBrecque has long recognized the importance of international collaboration in the advancement of geodetic science and ultimately the advancement Earth System science and knowledge. To achieve these ends, Dr. LaBrecque provides strong and unflagging support in the development of the Global Geodetic Observing System and the strengthening of its global geodetic infrastructure. Dr. J.LaBrecque's contribution to joint projects developed with academician N. Laverov was of great importance in extension of Russian-American cooperation in the field of Earth sciences.