19 September 2016, St.Petersburg, Russia


Below we suggest accommodations in St.Petersburg, which are conveniently located, within walking distance to the Institute of Applied Astronomy. We suggest all participants to organize their lodging there; please contact the selected hotel directly if you are interested. You may also ask for Visa support documents to apply for Travel Visa. On the map you will find the locations of all suggested accommodations as well as walking routes to the TOG venue.
Radisson Sonya Hotel
Location: Liteyny Prospekt 5/19, 191187 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: Tel: +7 812 406 0007
E-mail: sonya.sales@radissonblu.com
Hotel Indigo
Location: Ul.Tchaikovskogo 17, 191187 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Web site: Hotel Indigo
Tel.: +7 812 454 5577
E-mail: info@indigospb.com
Hotel Saint Petersburg 
Location: Pirogovskaya emb. 5/2, 194044 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 380 1919
E-mail: hotel@hotel-spb.com