Conference archives
The Fifth All-Russian Conference «Fundamental and Applied Positioning, Navigation and Timing» (KVNO-2013)
St.Petersburg, Russia.
15‑19 April, 2013
WPLTN Technical Workshop “One-way and two-way SLR for GNSS co-located with RF techniques” (WPLTN-2012)
St.Petersburg, Russia.
24‑28 September, 2012
International Asteroid-Comet Hazard conference
St.Petersburg, Russia.
21‑25 September, 2009
International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) 5th General Meeting
St.Petersburg, Russia.
3‑6 March, 2008
Astrometry, Geodynamics and Solar System Dynamics: from milliarcseconds to microarcseconds
St.Petersburg, Russia.
22‑25 September, 2003
International Workshop Celestial Mechanics – 2002: Results and Prospects
St.Petersburg, Russia.
10‑14 September, 2002
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